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a few precious drops will change your skin. and your mind.


Try our famed high-performance Essential Oil Elixirs for a customized solution to your skin's personal needs.

Applied nightly after your serum and before your cream, they melt into facial skin to energize, calm, purify or renew youthful radiance.

In the evening, apply the Essential Oil Elixirs after the appropriate serum and before the appropriate cream.

Step 1Put 5 drops into the palm of your hands, and rub palms together. Cup both hands and cover your nose. Inhale deeply.

Step 2Place hands flat upwards along the side of your nose. Move up to your forehead.

Step 3Slide towards your ears, and the downwards along the side of your neck.

Step 4Lightly press your hands flat around your neckline.

There are some who are still wary when it comes to face oils. They have not experienced Darphin Essential Oil Elixirs. Crafted with the finest aromatic essential oils, our famed high-performance elixirs instantly melt into skin to deliver a silky finish and nutritive glow-bestowing benefits - without any after feel.

There are 7 in all. Medleys that feature the opulent 8-Flower Elixir to renew youthful radiance, Jasmine to smooth, Chamomile to cocoon and calm, Tangerine to awaken energy, Rose to rehydrate, Orange Blossom to brighten, Niaouli to subdue shine. The aroma? Positively divine. Transform your skin today.