Carbon Neutral Shipping

Darphin offsets the carbon emissions from shipping for every US order placed on


The Saint Nikola Wind Farm is the largest wind energy project in Bulgaria, consisting of 52 turbines, with a generation capacity of 156MW. The project contributes to approximately 22% of the total installed electricity generation capacity from wind power in the country. Located on the Black Sea, in the Northeastern town of Kavarna, the wind farm has produced over 3.2 million MWh of electricity and has prevented at least 2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions from being released into the environment since coming online. The project displaces fossil fuel-fired power plants and reduces an estimated 244,224 tons of CO2e per year. This project is verified under the Verra standard.


The Hydrologic Ceramic Water Filter Project in Cambodia helps provide access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation to 1.7 million people across 312,000 households over seven years.
Replacing traditional wood-burning stoves used to boil water with these water filters helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and maintain Cambodia's forests. These forests are important stores of carbon and critical to the health of ecosystems and local livelihoods, particularly women, and children. This project is verified under the Gold Standard.


Located in the Central-Eastern Region of Uruptay, the Guanaré Forest Project has transformed over 21,000 hectares of land, previously grazed by beef cattle for over 300 years, into responsibly managed forests. The trees planted on the degraded grasslands consist of eucalyptus species and loblolly pine, which will be harvested in 22-year rotations and help support the absorption of an estimated 7 million tons of CO2e over the project' lifespan of sixty years. Forest plantations protect against soil erosion, runoff, and help reverse degradation by building up soil organic carbon. This project is verified under the Verra standard.

*The Estee Lauder Companies Inc. is funding emission reduction projects to offset CO2 emissions as a result of deliveries made from our US fulfillment center to our consumers' delivery addresses (excludes buy online and pickup in store, and same day delivery).