Our best face moisturizers for dry skin

Our moisturizers beautify the skin day after day. Our formulas, concentrated in botanicals, with a light or rich texture, soothe, plump, and illuminate the skin. From moisturizer to mask, find the skincare routine that best suits your needs.



Why is it essential to hydrate your skin?

We can not say it enough, hydration is a crucial step of your daily beauty routine to keep healthy and glowing skin.

Hydration optimizes the quality of the skin by:
- Protecting your skin against external aggressions: cold, dust, UV rays, pollution ... These pollutants clog the pores and prevent the skin from breathing normally. By penetrating the skin, the moisturizer acts as a skin barrier from outside attacks
- Preventing the first signs of aging. Our skin is 65% water. To keep its youth and its softness, the skin needs to stay as hydrated as it can. Fine lines and wrinkles are usually due to dehydrated skin.
- Avoiding oily skin. Contrary to popular belief, hydration deficiency will only increase the risk of oily skin. To preserve itself from drying out, the epidermis will therefore secrete more sebum.

Cream, serum or mask, which is best to hydrate dry skin?

The perfect skincare routine depends on the season, your age, and your needs. Not everyone needs the same hydrating beauty ritual. You need to define your skin type first (dry, oily, or combination) and your skin firmness.

A moisturizer cream will protect your face all day long and prepare your skin for make-up. A night skincare will help the regeneration of your cells. A hydrating serum is ultra-nourishing, it’s a boost of vitamins and hydration for your skin. And the extra step for a perfecting beauty routine is to apply a mask once or twice a week.

WHAT ARE Darphin Hydraskin bestsellers?

Darphin Hydraskin facial products are all tested by dermatologists. Formulated with at least 80% of natural ingredients, our products contain substances, such as ceramides, glycerin, or hyaluronic acid, to help attract and keep moisture into your skin.

- Hydraskin Light Gel Cream is a lightweight moisturizer. Helps maintain hydration day after day, and a more luminous, glowing and healthy-looking complexion.

- Hydraskin Rich is a creamy moisturizer ideal for sensitive skin, to reduce dryness and bring hydration for 24 hours. Suited for skin prone to eczema.

- Hydraskin Intensive Skin-Hydrating Serum deeply nourishes thirsty skin. The intense concentration of moisture penetrates skin instantly and helps repair skin cells.

Darphin's collection of hydrating skincare is formulated with natural fragrance such as Shea Butter or Butterfly Lavender. Our face moisturizers are not just part of a simple beauty routine step, they are a treat to your skin and to yourself. ​