Dark circles or puffy eyes give you a tired look or dull complexion. Darphin skin care collection brings renewal and rejuvenation to your eyes by repairing, plumping and smoothing under-eye skin.



Where do dark circles come from?

Fatigue, skin aging, everyday life: there are many causes of dark circles. The time damage first appears around the eyes, because our skin is thinner and more delicate. Dark circles and puffiness are emphasized by external factors: lack of sleep, stress, alcohol, caffeine, or unhealthy food. They are due to a dysfunction of blood circulation and this phenomenon is highlighted in the morning.

Dark circles are characterized in 4 different ways:
- Hollow circles: melting eyelid fat, aging of the face.
- Full dark circles: excess fat, or puffy eyes.
- Dark circles: appearance of pigments on the lower eyelid, the color of which can vary from blue to brown.
- Mixed circles: it is possible to have both hollow and dark circles.

How to reduce dark circles?

Dark circles or puffiness are signs of tiredness, dehydration or sagging. The most important step is to deeply hydrate this sensible area, to give back firmness and elasticity to your under-eye skin. First, take care of your eye area by systematically removing makeup. Then cleanse your skin well, with a facial toner, to make the pores breathe and reduce blemishes. Then treat your eyes with the best eye cream for dark circles or puffiness. The serums target specific areas with a quick and deep absorption. With their fluid texture, they bring a refreshing touch for an illuminating look. Creams provide instant hydration and soothing. They act more as a protective barrier against external aggressions. A serum hydrates in depth, while the cream protects and keeps moisture: use both of them to perfect your skincare routine.

WHAT IS IN Darphin’s best eye cream collection?

Darphin Paris's line of under-eye products are a powerful complex of botanical oils and cosmetology science that will hydrate, plump, and smooth your under-eye skin. A diagnosis of your skin is essential to identify the main signs of aging: lack of hydration, loss of elasticity, wrinkles. The best facial treatment is the one that suits your skin and its specific needs. The solution to give back brightness and youthfulness to your look, includes a hydrating serum, an anti-aging cream and an under-eye cream. With Darphin skincare products, you won’t need your concealer cream anymore! Darphin offers a large range of products, all formulated with natural ingredients, and tested by dermatologists and clinically proven.

- Intral De-Puffing Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream
- Ideal Resource Restorative Bright Eye Cream
- Hydraskin ALL-DAY Eye Refresh Gel-Cream
- Uplifting Serum Eyelids Definition
- Stimulskin Plus Eye and Lip Cream

Their formulas are packed with vitamins and peptides, such as hyaluronic acid or glycerin. Our creams have antioxidants properties that will help to protect and repair your skin by filling in fine lines and small wrinkles. Applying an ultra-moisturizing serum will act in depth into your skin layers to bring hydration and boost your collagen production. It will reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles or puffiness. All you need to reshape your eye area and restore radiance to your face.

What are Darphin’s bestsellers to enhance your beauty?

Our best anti-aging cream is the Stimulskin Plus Eye and Lip Cream. Pat a touch of cream along the eye contour with fingertip. Or to get a more effective treatment, apply your best cream for puffy eyes with an applicator. By a gentle move, realize a kinesio massage under your eyes to decongest and obtain a rejuvenated eye appearance. Complete your anti-aging beauty routine by our Youth Retinol Oil Concentrate treatment. One capsule brings a touch of luxe into your night beauty routine. Formulated with 98% of ingredients from natural origin, such as nourishing Jojoba, Sesame, Macadamia and Argan Oils, its benefits are as many as powerful, bringing immediate youthfulness to your eyes and your face.