Double Cleansing: why it’s important for your skincare routine

Double cleansing is a face cleansing method that removes all traces of makeup, dirt and other impurities from your skin. Double cleansing helps prevent breakouts and keep your skin looking hydrated and healthy.

What is the double cleansing method?

Double cleansing is a two-step method of cleansing the face using an oil-based product followed by a water-based product. This normally means using a cleanser that removes makeup followed by a lighter cleanser.

As the two formulas remove different kinds of impurities from the face, using both as part of your skincare routine leaves skin completely clean and refreshed.
The cleansing oil dissolves oils on the skin, such as excess sebum, sunscreen, and makeup. The water-based cleanser then removes impurities such as dirt and pollution.

Is double cleansing necessary?

Double cleansing is a method of thoroughly cleansing skin, removing oil-based products such makeup and sunscreen. It can also be an easy way to cleanse naturally oily skin.

Whether or not you should double cleanse depends on your lifestyle and your skin type.
If you have naturally dry or combination skin and you have not worn makeup or sunscreen during the day, you can probably skip double cleansing. Using a water-based cleanser will remove all impurities from your skin.

For a simple cleanse, try Darphin’s Cleansing Foam Gel with waterlily or our Purifying Foam Gel with licorice. Both soothe and cleanse skin while gently washing away impurities, leaving the skin clean, radiant and noticeably soft.

What time of day should I double cleanse?

Double cleansing is part of a nighttime skincare routine. In the morning, using a simple cleanser is enough to gently wash your face and remove environmental debris (from your pillowcase, for example) and light, oily build up. This helps prepare your skin for moisturizer, makeup and other parts of your morning beauty routine.

In the evening, your skin requires a deeper cleanse, such as double cleansing, to remove oily products, pollutants and dirt that have built up during the day.

How do I double cleanse my skin?

To double cleanse your face, first use an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup and other oils from the skin. Then use a water-based cleanser to remove impurities.

You can use two products to do this, one product that follows the principle of double cleansing is our Aromatic Cleansing Balm. When applied to the skin, the honey-textured balm melts in, dissolving oil, grime and makeup. Then, upon contact with water, it transforms into a cleansing milk that purifies the skin, leaving it feeling clean and hydrated.

For an extra cleanse, follow by massaging our INTRAL Air Mousse Cleanser into damp skin, then rinse with water. This lightweight mild formula, with its skin friendly pH, cleanses pores and removes dirt without stripping the skin of its natural oils (it’s also sulfate-free).

After double cleansing in the evening, apply a serum to refine the skin, followed by a moisturizer. You’ll be all set to go with clean-feeling, smooth skin.