Carolyn Jenkins – Botanical Illustrator
(September 2018)


After graduating in Botanical Illustration at the Chelsea Physic Garden in London, Carolyn Jenkins was awarded Gold Metal and Best Exhibit from the RHS for her Botanical Water Colors. Being half French as her mother was born in Paris, she has wonderful memories of her childhood holidays in France and how much she loves wondering around Paris’ streets. When Darphin was looking for an artist to illustrate “Botanical Force For Beauty” there couldn’t have been a better choice than the renowned botanical painter Carolyn Jenkins for a fruitful collaboration.

Maison Baluchon – French high-end
accessory designers (June 2018)


At the core of their partnership, Darphin and Maison Baluchon share the same vision: celebrating nature in all its forms. Darphin was charmed by the French Luxury brand. Created by Nathalie Vidal and her partner, Toma Bletner, Maison Baluchon is built on the philosophy of French Craftsmanship. For Darphin, they designed an exclusive pattern and Beauty Vanity Case in limited edition, entirely handmade to carry your favorite Darphin selection, embodying excellence and French savoir-faire. Its unique botanical motif, sketched by hand as well, conveys Darphin’s Botanical Force for Beauty.

Nicolas Ouchenir – Parisian artist and
calligrapher (June 2017)


Visionary, intuitive, fervent supporter of the French craftsmanship and art de vivre, Nicolas Ouchenir has made tiny ink splashes his signature because, as he says, “beauty without imperfection is uninteresting”. For Darphin, he offers an appreciation of beauty that reflects authentic French art de vivre.
When Darphin decided to refresh its flagship L’Institut Darphin Vendôme in the heart of Paris, the brand found a kindred spirit in Nicolas Ouchenir. Inside each treatment room, his ink drawings bring to life some of the most beloved corners in the City of Light, but with a twist: capturing a Parisian perspective of her city, through the Darphin woman’s eyes.

Furthermore at L’Institut Darphin Paris Vendôme, each cabine has its original Ouchenir’s interpretations of some of Darphin’s star ingredients such as jasmine, rose, chamomile, orange flower and the iconic 8-Flower Nectar Essential Oil Elixir.

Antoinette Poisson – « Dominoté » Wallpaper Designers (Janvier 2016)


Between Darphin and Antoinette Poisson, it all began with a shared passion for artisanal craftsmanship, French know-how, excellent performance and beautiful raw materials.
In 2012, three young specialists in the restoration and preservation of fine art banded together to create the brand “À Paris chez Antoinette Poisson”, so named in homage to the Marquise de Pompadour, the longtime favorite of Louis XV, who was known for her love of décor and wallpaper in particular. Julie Stordiau, Vincent Farelly and Jean Baptiste Martin‘s goal: to revive the “Dominoté” style of wallpaper using the original 18th-century handcrafting techniques bringing its wonderfully rich and colorful geometric and floral motifs back into vogue.
Thanks to this beautiful collaboration between Antoinette Poisson and Darphin, we created The Darphin signature leather clutch printed with an exclusive “domino” graphic. Entirely handmade, in a very limited edition of 10 numbered pieces with an integrated, leather-trimmed mirror emblazoned with the Darphin flower, it is a practical nod to beauty.


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