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Understanding your cosmetic label

For centuries, cosmetic products have brought enjoyment and beauty to millions of people worldwide. Today, a wide range of make-up, skincare, hair care, and fragrance products are available to help you look and feel good. There are many products to choose from--each with a different purpose, benefit and range of ingredients that make it unique, effective and pleasant to use.

Consumer Awareness Sample

We know that reading cosmetic labels can sometimes be confusing. That's why we've created this Guide to help you understand the various symbols and statements that may appear on your favorite products.

These include:








  • 1. PRODUCT IDENTITY: statement of what the product is.
  • 2. NET CONTENTS: the amount of product in the package. The following the volume declaration is a guarantee that the product has been filled in accordance with the average system of measures used in the European Union (EU).
  • 3. PRODUCT INGREDIENTS: lists all ingredients used in the formula in descending order of concentration. This is especially important for those people who are seeking a specific ingredient or want to avoid one. In addition, our ingredient listing now includes the various components of a fragrance ingredient previously not listed and therefore may be longer. This is important information for that small percentage of the population who may be sensitive to certain components of fragrances.
  • 4. DIRECTIONS FOR USE: informs you of how, when and where to use the product.
  • 5. NAME/LOCATION OF MANUFACTURER OR DISTRIBUTOR: informs you who made the product and where the manufacturer or distributor is located. The London address and Post Code is underlined to indicate the main contact office in the EU. Product inquiries can be sent to this address.
  • 6. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: the country that manufactures or produces the product.
  • 7. : tells you the recommended number of months within which the product should be used after you have first opened and used it, provided the product has been stored under normal conditions and not exposed to extreme temperatures. For example, (24M) means that you should replace this product within (24 months) after first opening. The "Period After Opening" number will vary based upon the type of cosmetic product.
  • 8. : denotes that our company contributes to European programs for the proper disposal and recycling of all packing components.

Other symbols and statements you might see on our label:


  • 9. WARNINGS/CAUTIONS: informs you what to do and not to do with the product.
  • 10. : tells you to look elsewhere in the packing for additional information, for example in a leaflet, card or tag.

Facts you should know:

 • Our product safety testing requires a collaboration of experts across several sciences to ensure the excellence and quality of all products brought to market.  • Our products contain ingredients of the highest quality. The levels of concentration of all ingredients in our products are safe for consumer use.  • Our Company is in full compliance with the labeling regulations set forth in the 7th Amendment to the European Union Cosmetics Directive.

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Gone But Not Forgotten

Let us help you find your favorite product! To learn more about how our Gone But Not Forgotten team might help you locate your product, please visit us at http://www.elcompanies.com/news-and-media/contact-us/gone-but-not-forgotten. You may also Chat Live with our online Beauty Advisors here for suggestions on similar alternatives.

Please note that a search may only be initiated for products within Darphin's basic product line. We regret that we are unable to conduct searches for seasonal, limited edition, or promotional products.

If we are able to locate the product your have requested, you may purchase up to 6 units (depending upon availability). Gone But Not Forgotten items are available for shipment to locations within the U.S. To initiate a search for a discontinued product, please email consumercare-US@gcc.gbnf.estee.com or call 1-800-216-7173.


Darphin joined The Estée Lauder Companies' family of brands in 2003. The brand is sold in more than 50 countries and territories. The Paris-based brand, started in 1958, offers prestige personalized skincare based upon the 3-D program, body care and unique massage techniques inspired by its founder Pierre Darphin. All products are created from the finest plant extracts, botanical aromas and latest cosmetic technology. The brand is sold in independent European pharmacies, beauty salons and spas worldwide.

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